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Eskilstuna Town Museum


Visit Eskilstuna Town Museum on Faktoriholmarna and follow the historical threads of the city. Play and experiment with products from the industries of Eskilstuna in Faktotum, learn about the city's 200 year old arms-industry in the exhibition "Laddat" (Loaded) and experience the Steam engines and the several hundred years old technology.

In the Steam engine hall you are transported 100 years back in time and can experience the latest of the technology of the time. You will find generators, a steam fire-engine and a train alongside stationary steam engines which ran in some of Eskilstuna's many industries.

Go to Faktotum to operate a real wheel loader, play noughts and crosses with a robot, compete in the lock labyrinth, try lifting a scrap-car, cycle on television, and lots more! Or go see the exhibition "Se Eskilstuna" to discover a different historical experience of Eskilstuna. There you will find connections through time, see patterns in the city and understand changes then and now. If you want to learn more about the millions of weapons that were made in Eskilstuna 1813-2010, go see the exhibition "Laddat" (Loaded) instead.

Don't miss the exhibition "The Small Town Museum" if you have children. Here children and grown-ups can experience the history of Eskilstuna by actively taking part in it. Load the boat in the Eskilstuna River, go trading on the Rinman Square, cook food in the 17th century castle kitchen and climb on the chimneys of the industries of Eskilstuna.

Besides exhibitions and other experiences, Eskilstuna Town Museum has collections and archives that include around 65,000 objects, more than 300,000 photos and a great number of records that reflect the history of Eskilstuna. The main focus is on local industrial history. Eskilstuna Town Museum is happy to provide answers about local history and objects, and arrange visits and orders for photos by agreement.


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Eskilstuna Tourist Information
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