Flens Tourist Information


Flens Tourism
We're located in the newly renovated Old Railway Hotel in Flen.
There are conference facilities in the venue. We have tips about excursions, attractions, accommodation and events.
Welcome in! 

Summer season, June 1 to August 31. Below you will find
our mobile tourist info, where we are and at what time.

Flens Tourism at Bruket in Hälleforsnäs
Open: Tuesday-Friday 11-17
Saturday-Sunday 10-14

Flens Tourism at Järnvägshotellet is kept closed during
the summer season, extended info point is available at
Vallinska Bokhandeln in the middle of Flen.
All summer we find ourselves around that different visits
and events in the municipality of Flens.

Our mobile tourist information
You can find us here:
Monday: Flens Golf Club, Flen 10-12
Lida Gård, Flen 14-16
Tuesday: The factory, Sparreholm 10-12
Sigridlunds Lund Café & Crafts, Årdala 14-16
Wednesday: Malmköpings Camping, Malmköping 10-11,
Sagostigen, Malmköping 11-13, Hembygdsgården,
Malmköping 14-16
Thursday: Malmköpings Camping, Malmköping 10-11,
City Hall in Malmköping 11-16
Friday: Malmköpings Camping, Malmköping 10-11,
Grinda Gårdsglass, Malmköping 11-13
Musespårvägen, Malmköping 14-16
Saturday: Around Malmköping 10-14

Contact information

Flens kommun
Södra järnvägsgatan 2
Contact: Elisabeth Holmberg
Phone: +46-157430996

E-mail: turism@flen.se
Website: www.flen.se

Opening hours

The tourist information is open Tuesday to Thursday at 10-16

Public transportation