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Sparreholm, Flen

Car Museum

Our car museum shows the automotive development from the late 1800s to the present day and includes one of Europe's finest car collections. Right now we have about sixty veteran and classic cars in the hall, including Mercedes 540K from 1936 that was owned by Prince Gustaf Adolf, who was our king's father, and Cadillac V8 from 1939 that was owned by King Gustav V and gave the name to the huge shopping area Kungens Kurva ("King's Curve") in Stockholm.

Other unique cars in the collection are the Mercedes 300 SL "Måsvingen" from 1955, Mercedes 290A of 1934 Cadillac V16 from 1931 that was ordered by Ivar Kreuger, Horch 853 from 1936, RR Silver Ghost from 1921, Hertel 1898, Clement Panhard from 1898 and Austin Ulster from 1931.

In the che ceiling hovers around fifty models of vintage airplanes where the biggest, B17 Flying Fortress from 1942, has a 3.2 meters wingspan. Hundreds of model cars and accessories for vintage cars are also on display. The surroundings are supplemented by a large number of exciting enamel signs and beautiful old gas pumps.

Jukebox Museum

On the top floor in the old carriage house, where our summer café also is situated, you find Europe's largest jukebox collection. Below are the technical development of positive, music boxes, phonographs and gramophones until the era of the jukeboxes. The exhibition shows jukeboxes from periods Antique Age, Silver Age and the colorful Golden Age.

Horse Carriage Museum

The carriage museum, located at Sparreholms Castle's Horse Center, you can see a large number gigs, carriages and appliances, all connected to the horse. The collection includes some fifty carriages and sleighs from the late 1700s until the 1940s.

You also find beautiful harnesses and wagon models as well as a saddlery. Most coaches have been collected and restored to excellent condition by Siv von Rosen.

Contact information

Sparreholms slott
Sparreholms Slott
Phone: +46-707222032
Mobile: +46-707222032
Booking: +46-717222032

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Opening hours

Between May 1st and June 26th 2017, you are welcome to book a guided tour for you and your friends our colleagues.

Our summer season 2017 is between June 27 and August 13. Opening hours for our museums and the café Tuesday - Sunday 12:00-17:00.

Price information

Visit one of our museums 100 SEK/person
Visit two of our museums 180 SEK/person
Visit all of our museums 270 SEK/person
Private guided tour(1,5 hours tour) of the car museum during regular open hours 800 SEK (Beyond the entrence fee) 
Children under 6 years enter for free and children 6-12 years enter for half the normal fee.

Public transportation


From Stockholm
Follow highway E4. Take exit 141 in Järna and road 57 towards Katrineholm. Follow Route 57 for about 50 kilometers to Sparreholm.
At the roundabout where the road 57 meets the road 53, takes right towards Eskilstuna and Malmköping.
Two kilometers outside Sparreholm is the Horse Center to the left, entrance Björkhult.
Another 100 meters further on the road 53 is the exit to Sparreholms Castle on the right side.

From Gothenburg
Take exit 107 from the E20 and follow route 52 from Kumla to Katrineholm.
From Katrineholm, follow road 55/57 and proceed on the road 57 towards Gnesta and Södertälje. Drive approximately 35 kilometres to Sparreholm.
At the roundabout in Sparreholm, turn left towards Malmköping and Eskilstuna
Two kilometers outside Sparreholm isthe Horse Center to the left, entrance Björkhult.
Another 100 meters further on the road 53 is the exit to Sparreholms Castle on the right side.


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