Cafes in Malmköping

Hälleforsnäs, Flen

Here you will find cafes in the beautiful center of Malmköping:

Kaca's Café
Stora torget 1, Malmköping
Coffee and homemade goodies in a homely environment.
Disabled toilet facilities are on site.
Tel: 070-374 62 48é

Café Björndammen
Closed at the moment
Dammstugan, Malmköping
Coffee, pastry, beverage, sandwiches
and simple lunches.
Indoor and outdoor dining with beautiful views.
Wheelchair accessible.
Tel: 073-785 17 51, 016-721 44

Museispårvägen café
Järnvägsgatan 4, Malmköping
Indoor and outdoor dining in a cozy old-fashioned setting in a newly renovated cafe overlooking the trams.
Wheelchair accessible.
Tel: 0157-204 30

Tom's Resturant & Café
Open summer time
Malmköping bath & camping
Delicious sandwiches and simple lunches. A lá carte-menu.
Wheelchair accessible.
Tfn: 0157-700 62

Pingstkyrkan och biståndscenter
Kungsgatan 14
Café and second-hand sales
Tel: 0157-205 49

Contact information

Flens kommun
Bruket, Gjuterimästarbacken 1
Contact: Turistbyrån
Phone: +46-157430996