Cafes in Sparreholm, Skebokvarn and Vadsbro

Hälleforsnäs, Flen

Sparreholm Castle 
Open summer time
Sparreholmsvägen 91
The castle's retro cafe with a la carte meny
Tel: 0157-305 62

Johannisdals café
Open summer time
Johannisdal 53, Sparreholm
Road 53, 6 km south of Sparreholm
Waffles, salads, sandwiches and pastry.
Indoor and outdoor dining. 
Tel: 0157-320 30

Sigridslund Café & Handelsbod
Road 53, 10 km south of Sparreholm
Homemade pastry, coffee, sandwiches
and simple lunches
Indoor and outdoor dining in a lovely rustic setting.
Wheelchair accessible
Tel: 0157 - 322 21

Bygdecafét Skebokvarn
Open sundays
Sparreholmsvägen 35, Skebokvarn
Café and Crafts.
Wheelchair accessible.
Tel: 076-116 89 83

Open summer time
Sparreholmsvägen 8, Skebokvarn 
Homemade pastry. Great outdoor seating.
Tel: 0157-720 28

Kvarnen - Antique
Open summer time
Ekenäs, Vadsbro
Homemade pastry and sales of antiques in the old mill.
Tel: 073-83 68 907

Contact information

Flens kommun
Bruket, Gjuterimästarbacken 1
Contact: Turistbyrån
Phone: +46-157430996