Hotel & Conference


Blaxta Vineyard 
Blackstaby Gård, Flen
There is 15 exclusive rooms at the vineyard with it's own restaurant and award-winning wines.
Tel: 0157-704 60, 070-483 4690

Brolöten Conference & Dressage center
Brolötens Gård, Flen
Brolöten is located between Gnesta and Flen by Lake Båven with several wonderful activities to offer.
Tel: 070- 583 9275, 070-583 9147

Hedenlunda Conference Center
Hedenlunda Slott, Flen
Beautifully located in Vadsbro at Hedenlundasjön.
Tel: 0157-754 00

Hotel Malmköping
Furugatan, Malmköping
Conference hotel with gym, mini golf and a boules court.
Tel: 0157- 245 80

Malmköpings Wärdshus
Landsvägsgatan 29B, Malmköping
Hotel, restaurant and pub in the middle of the Malmköping.
Tel: 0157-214 00 00

Plevnagården Malmköping
Förrådsgatan 10, Malmköping 
Once upon a time Sweden's first military hospital, a stone's throw from Hosjön.
Tel: 0157-216 60

Rockelstad Castle
Rockelsta, Sparreholm
With very interesting history and a fantastic location on Lake Båven.
Tel: 0157- 320 10, 070- 212 81 31

Sparreholm Castle & Horse Center
Sparreholmsvägen 91, Sparreholm
With the surrounding of oaks and the lake Båven nearby, Sparreholms castle is beautifully located.
There's also several museums to visit.
Tel: 0157- 305 62, 070-27 02 71

Stäringe manor
Stäringe Stallmästargården, Flen
In beautiful landscapes between the lakes Uren and Månsjön (the moon lake).
Tel: 0157-710 02

Vängården Follökna
Vängården Follökna, Malmköping
Relaxing and secluded at Lake Nedingen.
Nice walking trails around the Island.  
Tel: 0157- 209 50

Orresta Gård 
Orrestagatan 5, Flen
Orresta Gård, located centrally in Flen, is one of the city's oldest properties. Here you'll find day conferences, cafés, guided tours and gallery activities.
Tel: 070-6951806.

Loftet - Gästgiveri
Brogatan 5, Flen
Conference up to 150 guests. Accommodation: 146 beds. Food and drink in closed company.
Tel: 070-72 74 432