Folkmusikgruppen Bjäran på Klämman

3 km från Mellösa, Flen
Bjäran is a swedish folk music band that is derived from the traditional music from the middle north of Sweden. With a tight interaction and innovative arrangements, they reaches out to both accustomed and new folk music listeners. The sound of Bjäran consist of an almost orchestral wideness, towering drums and rhythmical, clever ostinatos – a sound that has been described as cinematic, heavy and lyrical. A sound that evokes feelings and ideas.
Bjäran has since the band formed made hundreds of gigs around Northern Europe and in the United States.

”Their music is as smooth as a rock polished by water over the years, and Bjäran shows that softness must not mean lack of character. In addition to a bunch of well thought through arrangements of excellent songs.” - Peter Sjöblom, 28 / 02-14, Kulturen
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Albums: Bjäran (2016) Ack ve (2014)

Newcomer of the year - at the Folk & World Music Gala 2014

Young folkmusic band of the year 2012

Bjäran consists of:
Magdalena Eriksson - Fiddles

Christian Cuadra - Saxophones

Peter Bonde - Mandola / Cittern / Guitar

Mattias Mårtensson - Percussion

Arrangör, Fridals Kulturförening i samarbete med Folk You och Kulturens.
En kväll utöver det vanliga
24aug 18:00 - 23:00


Evenemang i Flen
Teater Klämman
3 km från Mellösa
Kontaktperson: Anne lr Janne Öster
Telefon: 073-5997692

Arrangör: Fridals Kulturförening

E-post: fridalskulturforening@gmail...


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